Feb 19, 2015

Post on the Atlanta News Blog

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 Post on My Atlanta News Blog

I will create a custom post with your website name, description, url and an image on the Atlanta News Blog. (You give us the content for the post) We can also embed a video in the page. Post also includes a free Tweet and Facebook page post. We will send you the links to the published posts. 

No adult, gambling, or pharmacy posts.

Over 112 Positive Reviews

  1. Gain Online Exposure
  2. Build Domain Authority
  3. Establish Yourself or Your Company Name
  4. Protect Your Online Reputation
  5. Promote Positive Press
  6. Drive Traffic to Your Website
  7. Optimized for Search Engines
  8. Social Media Integration
  9. Online Since 2013
  10. Over 150 Posts Published

Traffic has been steadily increasing to over 500 visitors per month.
This is over 50 views per day on busy days.

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$10 Add your permanent hyperlink under the Sponsors sidebar. This sidebar is on almost all pages.

$20 Add your blog post also as a permanent page to the blog linked under the Sponsored Pages sidebar.

$40 Ad your image with link to the rotating banner box on the top right corner of the blog on all pages.

$50 Add your Permanent Hyperlink to the Header of the News Blog. This is on ALL Pages of the Website.

$50 Add your Permanent Hyperlink to the Footer of the News Blog. This is on ALL Pages of the Website.


What is the readership in each city/region?
This blog gets around 500 visitors per month.

How large are these ads?
The blog post width is 480 pixels, but the blog can link to any size images by utilizing a light box effect. The blog post height is determined by the length of the article.

What is the maximum length that a blog post may be?
We prefer the the post is no longer than 2 pages or under 3000 words. If your post is longer you may contact us to see what options are available to accommodate long posts.

Where are these ads positioned and what costs are associated with each?
The image ad position is in the top right corner of the blog, below the American flag image. The cost is $45 with the purchase of a blog post.

How long do the ads run?
The ads are never removed from the blog.

Do these ads drive permanent backlinks to our site?
Yes, all ads are DoFollow and permanently added to the site.

Do you create the graphics and write the content?
No, You must provide the content and graphics unless copyrighting is ordered as a custom offer.

Custom Offers

If you would like our news editors to write the copy for your article, ask for a Custom Offer for Content Copy Writing services.

Custom Price Quotes for Content Copywriting:

150 Words $25
300 Words $40
400 Words $50
500 Words $65
700 Words $80
1000 Words $120
2000 Words $240

All content is edited by American citizens for proper U.S. English grammar.

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