Jul 3, 2004

Yahoo! News - New MPAA Leader Committed to 'Net Piracy Fight
"Privacy and protecting the intellectual property of creative works has got to be the number one issue," Glickman said in the press conference to announce his ascension to one of Washington's top lobbying posts.

"I'm going to spend the next couple of months getting up to speed on this and other pieces of information," Glickman said. Neither he nor Valenti would comment about specific pieces of legislation.

Glickman, I tell ya what, we can have a sleepover party and download all those Britney Spears tracks you said you wanted.

Glickman: "Do you have New York Minute?"
Me: "You have to ask?"
"Ok, I tell ya what I'll start downloading in now and have it burned for ya as soon as ya get here.

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